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Step into Brows Like Natural, where your beauty aspirations meet the artistry of permanent makeup. Led by the renowned PMU Artist, Arnarely Rambert, known affectionately as Anie, we offer a suite of permanent makeup solutions tailored to your desires. From the subtle touch of Nano Strokes/Microblading to the defining elegance of Combo Brows, the soft allure of Powder Brows, the perfect pout of Lip Blush, and the eye-enhancing precision of Eyeliner—your beauty is our canvas.

Embrace the transformational journey of permanent makeup in the serene heart of The Woodlands, TX. With Arnarely’s exceptional skill and attention to detail, you’ll experience the pinnacle of cosmetic artistry. Indulge in the luxury of waking up every day to a look that’s meticulously crafted, enduring, and flawlessly you.

Revel in the confidence that comes with perfection. At Brows Like Natural, your beauty routine becomes effortless, leaving you with more time to enjoy life’s moments. Our promise is not just to beautify but to elevate your natural features with a harmonious blend of technique and artistry.

Discover the enduring beauty and sophistication that awaits at Brows Like Natural. Schedule your visit today and transform your look with The Woodlands’ premier permanent makeup services.


Nano Stroke

Expert microblading technique for natural-looking brows at Brows Like Natural.
Our microblading service delicately crafts your brow story with precision and natural elegance.


Achieve the ultimate eyeliner sharpness that lasts, with Brows Like Natural's specialized technique.

Lip Blush

Discover the perfect pout with Brows Like Natural's lip blush service, infusing your lips with natural, long-lasting hue.

The Spirit of Brows LikeNatural

Arnarely Rambert: A Synonym for Excellence in Permanent Makeup

With over a decade of dedicated service and numerous international certifications, Arnarely Rambert stands as a paragon in the world of permanent makeup. Her journey began 13 years ago, and since then, she has seamlessly blended her artistic flair with her medical expertise to transform the industry.

At the heart of Brows LikeNatural Studio is Arnarely’s unyielding passion for creating beauty that resonates with the soul. Her work is not just about enhancing appearances; it’s about evoking confidence and reflecting the essence of one’s spirit. Each stroke, each contour is a testament to her meticulous nature and her unwavering commitment to nature’s symmetry.

Her philosophy, “Reconnecting your eyebrows with your SPIRIT,” echoes in the studio’s ethos. Here, every client is assured of a bespoke experience, where their unique facial features are studied and celebrated. Arnarely’s artistic touch doesn’t just correct; it elevates, ensuring that every set of brows she crafts is nothing short of a masterpiece.

We invite you to experience the transformative power of Arnarely’s artistry. At Brows LikeNatural Studio, you don’t just walk out with a new look; you step out reconnected with your inner beauty, wearing your spirit on your face, proudly and naturally.

Gallery of Elegance: Nano Strokes in Focus

Real Stories, Stunning Results: Client Testimonials

Angela Szutenbach
Angela Szutenbach
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I just had my brows done by Arnarely “Annie” Rambert (Brows Like Natural in Shenandoah) today and the outcome was wonderful and looked very natural. She is professional and very detailed. She took her time doing the sketch first. She is like an architect planning the blue print. Her quality of work and her artistry is amazing. I am glad I waited to find her….highly recommended!!! Thank you very much Annie ❤️
Kimberly Davis
Kimberly Davis
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I am a returning customer……Wonderful experience!! She is truly the best at what she does! I highly recommend this company 😀
Kristi Preas
Kristi Preas
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I was a bit nervous to do something permanent. I was responsible for late 80's/early 90's over plucking that left my brows quite sparse. But this was the right decision! Annie did an amazing job - when she showed me the result, I couldn't tell which were real hairs and which were the nano strokes. I still can't. Her studio was spotless, the chair was comfortable (I actually fell asleep), and she is fabulous in talking to you about your expectations, color choices, and desired shape. She explains the process in detail and lets you know what care and upkeep will be needed. If I could give her a 10-star rating, I would! I will never trust anyone else, only Annie.
Alexa Gonzalez
Alexa Gonzalez
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Two words: Amazing job! After a long consideration and research about how eyebrow Nano strokes works. I decided to go through this technique process with Annie, and I am so glad I did go to Brows Natural. I love the results, her professionalism, and her caring for me during the process. Kudos to Annie, and if you haven’t done your eyebrows, what are you waiting for? It is the best thing!
Julia Palacios
Julia Palacios
Read More
I did research before getting my eyebrows done and I came across Annie’s services. From the first conversation with her, she was very knowledgeable, professional and very nice. I had the nano strokes brows done with her and I could not be happier with the results. She is definitely excellent in what she does and I highly recommend her to all my friends, family and everyone else that reads this review.

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