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Permanent makeup (PMU) also called cosmetic tattoo is
a brand of body tattoo created to mimic makeup, hair,
and scar camouflage. A digital or electrical machine and
nanoneedle are used to implant pigment into the skin,
specifically in the second layer of the skin; the dermis.
Permanent makeup uses advanced developed pigments
for the face, with the best of the before components and
the new synthetic products to achieve natural and bright
results. Artist knowledge and experience are a must to
obtain great results.
Unlike the body tattoo, permanent makeup is done with
a less powerful machine due to the delicacy of the face
Nowadays, we can find a variety of different techniques,
all of them made to enhance the face feature. Every day
the PMU advances more to fulfill the high expectations.
Among the most requested services you can find Nano
Strokes Brows which came to quickly replace the
microblading, this pointing technique creates tiny lines,
like hairs, giving the appearance of fulness and volume

with a hyperreal effect. If you are looking for something
natural to rebuild or give better shape to your brows this
is the technique.
Next, we have the Powder Brows, also a pointing
technique that creates a powder or pencil effect, it can
be soft or dense to create dramatic brows called Ombre
Brows. This technique is for makeup lovers, or the soft
version is ideal for mature skin.
The Lip Blush is another permanent makeup service.
With this technique we give back the shape and soft
color to the lips, to make them look full and healthy.
Eyeliner, as the name suggests we create different broad
lines truth the lashes helping the eyes to look more open
and younger.
Scars camouflage combines different techniques to cover
up more than a year’s scars.
The PMU is useful for those who have lost the vision to
make their makeup with precision, for people with
allergies to regular makeup, for active people, who easily
lose their makeup, for people with medical conditions
who lose their eyebrow hair, and for uneven or sparse

Arnarely Rambert.

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